Jumbo Thai Anal Beads Blue
Jumbo Thai Anal Beads Blue

Jumbo Thai Anal Beads Blue

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For those who enjoy anal pleasure, anal beads may be a staple of their toy box. Designed to be able to replicate the pleasurable sensation of anal penetration over and over, anal beads are simple to use and usually quite affordable.
The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads are the beads you'll want to buy when standard anal beads are smaller than you'd like. Fully flexible, these beads slowly graduate in size, so you can choose the perfect, filling spots to stop. The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads are also available in black, blue, or purple to choose the perfect color.
Anal beads are some of the simplest anal toys to use. Before use, make sure to thoroughly lubricate the beads so everything will go smoothly. Some people prefer to slowly insert the beads and enjoy the sensation of each individual bead while other people enjoy popping each one in one-after-another. For removal, some people prefer to remove them right at the brink of climax with a quick tug while others prefer to enjoy the sensation throughout climax and remove them after they're done. Experiment with methods, and you'll find something that works best for you. Due to the lack of a flared base, make sure to always keep a firm grip on some of the beads for simple removal after use.
The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads are 10.5" and are made from PVC. The largest bead width is 1.2". For safety, anal beads should always be used with external lubricant. These beads are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. After every use, make sure to thoroughly clean these beads with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.

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